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A Complete And Detailed Guide To Etizest Tablets And Its Usage

Posted by Admin on December, 17, 2020

Etizest tablet from an Etizest tablets supplier is a drug medication for the treatment of dépression used in tablets. It is a combination therapy that soothes the brain by reducing irregular and irrational nerve cell behaviour. The amount of chemical messengers in the brain also rises, which enhances mood.

The medication from the Etizest tablets supplier in Nagpur may be taken with or without food. Nevertheless, it is recommended to take each day at one time which helps keep medication in the body consistent. Take the dosage and length of this drug as it has habit-forming potential prescribed by your doctor. Take it as soon as you know if you miss a dose of this drug. Complete the whole therapy course even though you feel better. This medication should not be stopped unexpectedly, since it can cause symptoms of withdrawal.

Some common side effects of the medication include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, deterioration of memory, low sexual will, and postponed ejaculation. It can also be dizzy and sleepy. Do not however drive or do something that needs mental concentration before you know how it affects you. Remember to alert your doctor if you have unexpected mood swings, as they can cause suicidal thinking and can be harmful to you. You should take a healthy diet and frequently practice this medication will contribute to weight gain and manage it.

Please beware of liver disease when taking this medication from Etizest tablets wholesale supplier. Your doctor should also be aware of all other medications you take, as many of them will decrease or alter the working method of this drug. If you are expecting, or breastfeeding, consult your physician.

Side Effects:
Most side effects do not need health treatment and go away as the body adapts to the medication. If they continue or you worry about them, contact your doctor. Typical side effects include -

● Confusion
● Vomiting
● Tiredness
● Delayed ejaculation
● Low sex drive
● Diarrhea
● Nausea

Take the dosage and length of this medication from an Etizest Tablets Supplier in India, as instructed by your doctor. Swallow it in its entirety. Chew it not, crush them, or smash them. The Etizest tablet can be 0.5mg/10mg with or without food but should be taken at a designated time.


● Time to start effecting -
It is not scientifically known how long this drug stays active in the body.

● Alcohol impact -
Due to the growing risk of severe adverse effects, the intake of alcohol is not recommended during therapy with this medication. These side effects can include dizziness, somnolence, concentration difficulties, breathing problems, etc. Do not carry out things that require high mental alertness, such as the use of alcohol and this drug together by driving a car or using heavy equipment.

● Habit formation -
In some cases, the use of this medication may lead to behaviours that have been documented especially when use takes a long time. In such situations, it is recommended that the drug is progressively discontinued and that the dose decreases over a period of time.

● Pregnancy usage -
Unless actually required, this medication is not suggested in pregnant women. Before taking the medication, your physician should examine both the pros and cons.

Final Words:
Take the medication from an Etizest Tablets Supplier as your doctor advises. Do not take any greater quantities than recommended/prescribed. If you have unwanted side effects, consult your doctor. Make sure the course is done. You should not quit this drug without your physician's consultation.

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