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Alzheimer Tablets

  • Admenta 10 Tablets

    Packaging Type : child Lock Bottle

    Strength : 300 mg

    Packaging Size : 30 Tablets

    Form : Tablets

    Packaging Size : 10*10

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    Admenta 10 Tablets

Anti Anxiety Tablets

  • Clofranil 10 Tablets
    Clofranil is a medicine that is given to patients suffering from depression. It is also meant to treat disorders such as phobias, muscle weakness, chronic pain, etc. You can procure the tablets from a Clofranil 10 tablets manufacturer in Nagpur in bulk for selling purposes. Dose and Administration

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    Clofranil 10 Tablets

  • Clofranil 50 Tablets
    The company has uplifted its reputation in the market by offering fine quality Clofranil 50 Tablets at nominal prices. We can carry out excellent supply chain management, as we have an ultramodern warehouse and the latest inventory control systems. Both help us meet bulk requirements and save us

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    Clofranil 50 Tablets

  • Etizest Tablets

    Packaging Size : 5 Strips Of 10 Tablets Each

    Packaging Type : Box

    Usage : Hospital

    Packaging Size : All

    Usage/Application : Antibiotic

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    Etizest Tablets

Anticancer Medicines

  • Afinitor Tablets
    We are an Afinitor tablets supplier who supplies high-quality tablets. These tablets are meant to treat people suffering from kidney cancer and certain other kinds of tumours or cancers. It is also prescribed by doctors to patients who have has a kidney or liver transplant. The medicine helps the

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    Afinitor Tablets

  • Alimta Injection
    Alimta injection is a trading name that is given for the generic drug name Pemetrexed. In some cases, health care professionals use this name to refer to drug Pemetrexed. This is a medicine that is an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug. This is classified as “antimetabolite”. In case if you need

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    Alimta Injection

  • Alphalan Tablets
    We have reliable, legal, and secure payment procedures through which clients can make purchases. We maintain a high level of transparency and ensure to maintain proper documentation. We are committed towards providing the world-class lot of products thus, check each and every product on different

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    Alphalan Tablets

  • Bortenat Injection
    With the assistance of our packaging experts and advanced machines, we became capable of meeting the standard as well as customized packaging requirements of the clients. For us making delivery of consignments is easy, as we have a productive logistic network that enables to reach buyers within the

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    Bortenat Injection

  • Clokeran Tablets

    Composition : Chlorambucil Tablets IP

    Packaging Size : 30 Tablets

    Usage : Clinical

    Dose : 2, 5 mg

    Product Type : Glass Bottle

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    Clokeran Tablets

  • Dacotin Injection
    Dacotin injection is an anticancer agent that is used in treating cancer of the large intestine. You should use it under the supervision of a qualified doctor or physician. There should be close monitoring of blood cell and kidney function while you take this medicine. Visit our website,

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    Dacotin Injection

  • Erlocip-150 Tablets
    We are sprawling over a large area with exceptional warehouse, which is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and up-to-date management systems. With automated warehouse systems, we efficiently serve the bulk requirements. Due to our streamlined packaging system, we are capable to fulfill bulk

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    Erlocip-150 Tablets

  • Gefticip Tablets
    As we are supported by wide distribution network and fastest transportation facilities, we deliver the orders on time. We have streamlined inventory system and spacious warehouse that assist us in meeting the voluminous requirements of the clients and that too in the stipulated time span. With the

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    Gefticip Tablets

  • Geftinat Tablets

    Content : Gefitinib

    Dose/Strength : 250 Mg

    Packaging Size : 30 Tablets

    Form of Medicine : Tablets

    Usage : Hospital

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    Geftinat Tablets

  • Herclon Injection
    We are working with a pool of professionals who are diligent at their work and make sure that the offered lot is packed in high quality material and timely dispatched. Rooted in Nagpur(India), the company is providing qualitative products and that too at the most reasonable prices.   Details

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    Herclon Injection

  • Pemnat Injection
    Uses One should get Pemnat injection from a reliable source like Pharmaceutical Formulations. We are a well known Pemnat injection manufacturer and supplier. This injection is used for: • Malignant pleural mesothelioma • Non-small cell lung cancer Side effects The most side effects do

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    Pemnat Injection

  • Soranib Tablets

    Usage : Personal,Commercial,Hospital,Clinical

    Dose : As Directed by Physician

    Packaging Size : Pack of 120 Tablets

    Composition : Sorafenib

    Form of Medicine : Tablet

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    Soranib Tablets

Antidiabetic Hypoglycemic Injection

  • Actrapid Flexpen Injection

    Side effects : Headache Injection site pain Muscle pain Loss of appetite Increased thirst

    Dose/Strength (ex. 1 mg or 1ml) : 100 iu

    Packaging Size : 3ml

    Packaging Type : injection

    Usage : Clinical,Hospital

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    Actrapid Flexpen Injection

Antimigraine Tablets

  • Rizact-10 Tablets
    Uses Rizact-10 tablet is prescribed to patients who seek treatment for an acute attack of migraine. This medicine helps the patient to get relief from the symptoms of migraines and helps prevent the attack from getting worse. It also helps you narrow your blood vessel and thus relives your migraine

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    Rizact-10 Tablets

Antiviral Tablets

  • Virovir 500mg Tablets
    Virovir 500mg tablet is an antiviral medicine that helps in the treatment of viral infections like shingles, herpes simplex virus, herpes labialise and also genital herpes infection. It helps prevent the multiplication of the virus in the human cell and thus will help in clearing the infection.

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    Virovir 500mg Tablets

  • Zimivir 1000 Tablets
    With the assistance of our packaging experts and advanced machines, we became capable of meeting the standard as well as customized packaging requirements of the clients. Our company has worked hard to establish an efficient distribution network. Therefore, buyers can order the product in mass and

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    Zimivir 1000 Tablets

HIV & Aids Medicines

  • Atavir 300 Capsules

    Strength : 300 mg

    Dosage Form : Capsule

    Packaging Size : 30 Capsules

    Packaging Type : Strip

    Composition: : Atazanavir

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    Atavir 300 Capsules

  • Dinex EC 400 Capsules

    Usage : Hospital,Clinical

    Packaging Size : 1X30

    Packaging Type : capsules

    Dose/Strength (ex. 1 mg or 1 ml : 250 MG

    Packaging Type : BOTTLE

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    Dinex EC 400 Capsules

  • Indivan 400 Capsules
    As we are supported by wide distribution network and fastest transportation facilities, we deliver the orders on time. We stock our product for wholesale distribution and supply as we have state-of-the-art storage facility along with the most advanced inventory management system and upgraded

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    Indivan 400 Capsules

  • Lamivir HBV Tablets

    Form : Tablets

    Dose/Strength : 300mg

    Packaging Size : 30 Tablets Bottle

    Composition : Bottle

    Size : 30 Tablets

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    Lamivir HBV Tablets

  • Lopimune Tablets
    With the assistance of our packaging experts and advanced machines, we became capable of meeting the standard as well as customized packaging requirements of the clients. With the assistance of our excellent logistics facility, we are able to deliver the orders within the postulated time

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    Lopimune Tablets

  • Nelvir Tablets
    Nelvir table is an antiviral agent that helps in testing the HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus. It doesn’t cure the disease completely but will reduce the chances of having the infection. Monitoring the function of the liver and also blood glucose levels is important when you take this

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    Nelvir Tablets

  • Tenvir Tablets

    Packaging Size : 1x20,1x10

    Dosage Form : Tablet

    Packaging Type : Bottle,Blister,Strip

    Dose/Strength: : 300 mg

    Molecules : Tenofovir

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    Tenvir Tablets

  • Tenvir-EM Tablets

    Company Name : Cipla

    Drug Name : hiv medicines

    Dose/Strength : ONCE Daily

    Composition : Tenofovir 300 + emtricitabine 200

    Indications : anti hiv medicines

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    Tenvir-EM Tablets

  • Triomune 30 Tablets

    Packaging Size : 1x30

    Dose/Strength (ex. 1 mg or 1 ml) : 30 mg

    Dosage Form : Tablet

    Usage : Clinical,Hospital

    Dose/Strength : 30MG

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    Triomune 30 Tablets

  • Vonavir Tablets
    As we are much more concerned about the safety of the products, we keep them under a secured environment of our capacious and well-structured warehousing unit that is supervised by experts. The company has uplifted its reputation in the market by offering fine quality Vonavir Tablets at nominal

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    Vonavir Tablets

Hypertension And High Blood Pressure Tablets

  • Accupril Tablets
    Accupril tablets are mainly used for treating blood pressure. It is also used to treat congestive heart failures. The most important thing to remember while taking the medicine is to make sure that a strict diet is followed to get the maximum effect of the medicine. We are Accupril tablets supplier

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    Accupril Tablets

  • Biselect Tablets
    Raw material that we use for preparing our offering is sourced from the reliable places and that too after complete quality confirmation. As a result of which, our products have no match in the market. We are offering our products in quality packaging to guarantee zero damage during transit. For

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    Biselect Tablets

  • Bosentas Tablets

    Contains : Contains

    Dose/Strength : 125 mg

    Packaging Size : 1x10

    Packaging Type : tablet

    Usage : Clinical,Hospital

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    Bosentas Tablets

  • Coversyl Tablets
    Our packaging materials can retain the products' quality and newness even under extreme shipping and handling conditions. Our packaging provides optimum physical protection. In order to keep our offerings in safe and secure conditions, we have developed a storage unit and keep it updated with the

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    Coversyl Tablets

  • Hytrin Tablets
    How to use Hytrin Tablet? One should take this medicine in dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Make sure you swallow it as a whole. Do not crush or break it and chew. Hytrin tablets can be taken with or without having food but it is always good to take the medicine on a fixed time. If you

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    Hytrin Tablets

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